Top 3 Neons To Nail Spring / Summer

Hop on the neon nail trend! It's the instant way to upgrade your look and inject some bold, bright colour into your life! 


Here's the Top 3 Neons to nail this season!



Lime is your fast track to nailing the trend! This zingy, energetic shade supercharges your look - taking it to the next level!  Feel unstoppable in this unapologetically bright shade.  Perfect for City life or the beach. Lime nails are a must!

Neon Coffin Nails, Neon Press On Nails NHQ London

Charged Up! - NHQ London


Isn't lime and green the same? No. Green neons have a cooler tone whilst lime is warmer.  Colour connoisseurs know that this subtle difference can make or break a look.  Go for neon green as a more chilled alternative to lime.  But don't be mistaken.  Neon green is still loud, fierce and fabulous!  Having both green and lime in the trend gives us options....and a girl can never have too many options!

Neon Coffin Nails, Neon Green Nails, NHQ London

Hype - NHQ London


Yellow is a colour you don't think you need til you've got it!  Sunny and bright, this happy shade gives you all those good vibes. Making Spring and Summer extra fun and vibrant! Pair it with that neon kick and you've got yourself the perfect trending neon nails!

Neon Yellow Nails, Neon Coffin Nails, Press On Nails, NHQ London

Electric - NHQ London

Go all out and pair the colours with the popular coffin nail shape and you've made those nail goals a reality!


We love press on nails as they give you the freedom to play with any style and shape you want. Without any changes to your natural nails!  Neon nails make your Spring/Summer extra fun, extra playful and extra fierce!