how to apply faux nails

[and remove them]

Start by ensuring your nails are clean.  Seriously, don't skip this.  You want to avoid any kind of nail nastiness, especially if you'll be wearing your falsies a while.


How long do you want to wear your faux nails? 





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TEMPORARY WEAR [special occasions, events, up to a few days]

USE: Adhesive Tabs, Rubbing Alcohol, Nail File/Buffer, Tweezers [optional]

Prep your nails - that means cleaning them and filing them down to a shorter length and pushing back your cuticles.


1 | LIGHTLY buff your bare nail.  Sticky things LOVE a rough surface.  If your nails are too smooth or shiny then the adhesive tab is going to start lifting pretty quickly.  A little light buffing avoids that.


2 | Use an alcohol pad or acetone-free nail polish remover and wipe over your nail.  This is going to remove any nail filings and make sure there's no natural oils on your nail plate.  Oil and sticky things = disaster.  The alcohol pad / acetone-free nail polish remover will get rid of moisture and prep the nail for the adhesive tabs.


3 | Carefully peel the adhesive tab from the packaging sheet and place it on to your nail.  Try not to touch it too much.  Obviously you have to touch it if you're not using tweezers but avoid overdoing it.  Place it on your nail with the curve part at your cuticle. Press down firmly.


4 | Using tweezers [optional, you can use your nails instead] lift off the coloured backing paper. 


5 | At a slight angle place the faux nail into the cuticle area of your natural nail and place down.  Then press on your nail for 10 seconds minimum [15 - 20 seconds will make them last longer].  The pressure you place on the faux nail increases the strength of the bond between it, the adhesive tab and your nail.




long lasting wear  [a week  - 2 weeks+] 

USE: Nail Glue, Rubbing Alcohol, Nail file/Buffer, Cuticle Pusher


Prep your nails: make sure they're clean, file your nails shorter and push back your cuticles.


1 | LIGHTLY buff your bare nails. Don't rough them up to oblivion, but you want there to be a slightly rough surface  that the nail glue can stick on to.


2 | Use an alochol pad / acetone-free nail polish remover to clean off any nail filings and dehydrate them of your natural nail oils.  Because glue hates oil.  If you want your nails to really stick on then this is a 100% necessary step!


3 | The nail glue is going to dictate EVERYTHING.  Good nail glue is going to make your falsies last longer.  That's just facts.  Look out for a brush on nail glue/ nail adhesive.  Apply some nail glue to your natural nail. Optional for longer wear: apply nail glue to the back of the false nail as well. This creates a double bond = More wear time.


4 | At an angle, place the false nail near the cuticle, then place down.  Press down on your nail for 15 - 20 seconds.  Wipe away any excess immediately - if the glue gets on your skin it will eventually lift up and peel off, which exposes your falsies to letting water in when weakens the glue.



WAIT 30MINS BEFORE HAND WASHING. After application wait 30mins minimum before washing your hands. It gives the glue extra strength for long lasting hold.


AVOID PICKING AT THEM. Avoid digging your nails underneath them and fiddling with them 


DO NOT PUT THEM IN WATER TOO LONG.  Obviously you're going to shower, bathe etc but don't over do soaking them in water for excessive periods of time


LOOK AFTER THEM. Don't be too harsh on faux your nails.  Skip bowling, wear gloves when dealing with chemicals etc. Show them some love!






USE: Bowl Of Warm Water, Cuticle Pusher/Orange Wood Stick, Netflix [optional]


1 | Prepare a bowl of warm soapy water.  Deep enough that the water covers all of the faux nails. 


2 | Soak your nails for around 5 minutes for adhesive tabs [10 - 12 minutes for glue].  Sit back, relax, watch some netflix and think of it like a mini pamper session!


3 | Gently push the orange wood / cuticle stick between your nail and the faux nail.  If it's coming away easily continue to gently push off the faux nail.  If there's any resistance, wait a little longer.  Be patient and they'll come off when they're ready.  Refill your bowl with fresh warm if the water gets too cold.


4 | If there's any glue residue on your nail lightly buff this away. Apply a lovely hand cream and/or cuticle oil.  Then you're done!  


So whether you want to wear your nails for one night only, a crazy weekend or as long as you want -  use these application tips.  You can flaunt your faux nails til you're ready for the next set!