Adhesive Tabs & Alcohol Pads


Adhesive Tabs & Alcohol Pads

Apply your press on nails with adhesive tabs for easy, no mess application.

▪️ Quick + easy application
▪️ No damage to natural nails
▪️ Makes faux nails reusable
▪️ Wear them again and again!
▪️ Longer length for long nail beds
▪️ Great for short wear, events, parties, shows, photo shoots
▪️ Lifesaver for last minute situations!

20 tabs [2 manicures]
40 tabs [4 manicures]

▪️ Removes dirt and oils from nail bed
▪️ Strengthens adhesion of adhesives
▪️ Get longer lasting wear from your faux nails
▪️ Essential step for longer lasting wear time

How to Apply Faux Nails
Guide on using adhesive tabs with your faux nails

Buy your adhesive tabs now + show off your nails!
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