Holo Nails are Here to Stay!

Holographic nails are mesmerising and magical!

The shift between all the rainbow colours will have you staring at your nails forever.  All this holo goodness is why we're convinced holo nails will still be sticking around.

Unicorn Holo Nails - Tall Coffin


Hologaphic nails are incredible any time of year. Though there's no denying that Sping and Summer are their time to shine. Why? Because of all that sunshine!  Holographic nails dance in the light.  We love our LIlac Holographic Nails.  There is nothing more stunning than fawning over your holographic nails in sunlight!

Holo Fade - Reg. Stiletto


Want to experience the holo effect without going all the way? Holo Fade is the perfect solution for you.  Just like the name implies, the holographic effect is concentrated only at the tips of the nails.  Then it beautifully fades down the nail. 'Til it disappears with only specks of the holo barely traceable.

Unicorn Holo Magic - Reg. Stiletto


For double the holo power, mix up your nail design with glitter nails. Full holographic nails plus the added packed holo glitter accent nails.  We're always mesmerised by our Unicorn Holo Magic set.  You'll never EVER tire of seeing your nails dance in all their holo and glittery glory!