How to Reuse Press On Nails

There's so many reasons to wear press on nails. Including  that they can be reused! Wear them, take them off and wear them again.  The main way to do this is with adhesive tabs.

There's lots of occassions when you only need dope nails for a short while. We're thinking a crazy night out, posing on the gram, special events, photo shoots etc.  Adhesive tabs are amazing for keeping your press on nails on for a shorter amount of time, and lets you wear them over and over again!  


Adhesive tabs are teeny tiny, ultra sticky little strips that attach the press on nail to your natural nail.  Applying your nails with adhesive tabs makes it super flexible to change your style! Switch from coffin shaped press on nails to stiletto shaped press on nails, any length, glam press on nails or goth nail design you want!


When you remove your press on nails, there will not be any dried residue on the underside of the press on nail that normally occurs with glue.  Leaving you free to clean your nails, the press on nails, and freshly apply them using the adhesive tab press on nail application kit.



⚡ Reusing your press on nails ⚡ 


 Having removed your press on nails, take a cuticle pusher, or tweezers and gently peel the tab residue from the back of the press on nail.



 It's always important to thoroughly clean your natural nails.  Especially after wearing press on nails for some time.  You don't want any dirt, bacteria or debris trapped between your natural and the press on nail.  That could cause some serious nail nastiness and we don't want that!


Always thoroughly sanatise your hands.  If you wash them instead of using alcohol or hand gel, wait as long as possible before applying your press ons.   This is because any moisture will mess up the sticking process.


File your natural nails to make them shorter and very lightly buff the surface.  Then wipe your nails and the underside of the press on nail with alcohol.  Not that kind of alcohol.  But medical alcohol.  We recommend alcohol swabs because they're super efficient and no mess.  


⚡ Alcohol is great for killing off bacteria.  It will also make the press on nail ready to stick back on to your natural nail.


⚡ Simply peel off an adhesive tab and stick it onto your natural nail.  Then take the press on, position it on you nail.  When you're happy with the placement, press down.  Sing a couple lines of your favourite song.  Then move onto the next nail.  Et voila you're back in business baby!