Make Your Press On Nails Last Longer


With the correct application and help from these tips your press on nails will stay put.  So you can enjoy your look for longer.


Here are the 3 biggest secrets to make your press on nails last longer:

               Angel - Long Coffin


This is the number one step and is absolutely essential!  Proper nail prep will keep your press on nails securely attached to your natural nails without any worries of them popping off. Check out this post for all the info on How To Prep Your Nails Like A Pro.



You can apply press on nails with adhesive tabs or nail glue.  But for serious staying power lasting well over a week or longer - a great nail glue is your solution. [Only use a nail adhesive that's specifically formulated for nail use.]  The quality of the glue will affect how long your nails stay on. So be sure to select a great one!



Press on nail application requires that an adhesive [glue] bonds the press on nail to your natural nail.  For an optimum bond there should be no moisture on your natural nails.  Moisture interferes with the adhesion process - weakening its full potential.  Avoid putting your hands in water for 30mins - 1 hour after application to fully secure the bond.


These 3 key, but simple steps will ensure that your press on nails last as long as you want them to!


For everything you need to apply your press on nails like a pro -  shop the Total Package Prep Kit.  For flawless nails that won't budge til you're ready for your next set of nails!