Why We're Loving Purple

We're loving purple! Not just because it's Pantone's Colour of the Year but because its flattering on a variety of skin tones.  Purple is a stand out colour for 2018 and that makes it a major player in this year's nail trends. There's a variety of different hues and finishes to match your mood.  Purples can range from the soft and dreamy lilac, to the rich vibrant amethyst.



Nail the trends with the hottest look of the year! Ultra Violet is a mysterious and beautiful shade of purple.  We designed Pegasus and Ultra Violet Lilac specifically to capture all the magic and wonder of this colour.  It plays with the light reflect pink and teal tones with a mirror finish creating a beautiful set of nails!

                         Pegasus - Long Stiletto


For a modern, summery and magical look - go holographic!  Its the ultra cool update that will have you mesmerised.  Holographic nails give a hypnotic rainbow effect.  Creating a gorgeous set of fun nails.

                      Lilac Holo - Tall Coffin


For a deeper, more dramatic look opt for the stunning jewel tone of Amethyst.  This unique shade provokes feelings of mystique and allure.  Alchemy combines this with raw glitter to create a set of nails that sparkle and glimmer for a look that will have you spellbound.

                                                                                                                            Alchemy - Long Stiletto

Going for purple is the ultimate way to nail the trends this season. Dare to play with different tones, textures and finishes to really explore all the wonders that purple has to offer!