Why press on nails are a lifesaver!

Press on nails are the ultimate solution you need to get your nails looking cute in no time!  Whether you have an important performance, hot date or just wanna rock some hot nails - press on nails have you covered.  Here's all the amazing ways press on nails are a lifesaver!

                  Cuffed - Stiletto


Press on nails are perfect for performances, weddings, birthdays, photo shoots and so many more events.  When you have a special event, looking and feeling great is all part of the lead to the big occasion.  Press on nails give you the perfect set of nails without any of the hassle of getting them done.  Simply apply your press on nails at a time that's convienient to you and feel incredible!




The application of press on nails is signifcantly shorter than getting them done in the salon. Us girls have a lot of things on our To-Do List and we don't always have time to get our nails done.  Let's face it, getting your nails done can become a "thing."  A salon you have to drive to, get parking and sit for 2 - 3 hours unable to move.    We're talking about hours at the salon vs minutes doing them at home.  We can't turn back time, but saving it is the next best thing.  So that's a straight win right there!




A girl's gotta have options!  With press on nails you can choose from a variety of looks without committing to a permanent set acrylics or gels that can only be removed professionally.  Press on nails give you the flexibility of changing and updating your look whenever you want.  No restrictions.


Press on nails give you the finished result of flawless nails without any of the downside.  Apply them when you want . Wear them as long as you want. We like to have a few sets on standby so we're always nail ready!