5 Reasons To Try Press on Nails

Press on nails have come a long, LONG way.   

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Incredible nails take time. And sometimes you aint got it boo.  


Press on nails let you get your nails done at your convinience, in your own home. No rushing to an appointment.  No trying to find a parking space.  None of that.  Just apply them in your own time.


It's super fast to apply press on nails. Especially compared to a salon apointment. We're talking about saving HOURS of time.  That's more time to get ready, to take a nap, grab some dinner, whatever. That's YOUR TIME back for you.



Bad ass nail artists are diamonds to find, and booking an appointment can become a real struggle.  

Keeping a few press on nail sets on deck makes you armed and ready and have your nails looking fly instantly!



NHQ London press on nails have a multiwear feature (with adhesive tabs). Take them off and rewear them! This saves you moola as you can wear the same set again.  

This is also amazing for weekend nails.  Perhaps your job doesn't allow you to wear fabulous nails, so you can wear these. What happens on the weekend, stays on the weekend!



Press on nails are kinder to nails and you than getting acrylics at a salon.   Nail salons can expose you to a multitude of chemicals, filings and UV radiation.  Plus things can go real bad if you step into a 'dodgy salon.'

This is why working with nail techs that are experienced and really know their stuff is so important! Or you can apply press on nails at home and achieve salon worthy nails with no stress.



Life's all about having fun, expressing yourself and switching things up! Press on nails let you play around with your style whenever you feel like it! One day you're feelin bad n boujie the next you're all about that vampy vibe.  Press on nails give you the flexibility to switch up your look to suit your mood.